Big brother vip 7, previews and live news tonight

THEL Big brother vip 7 approaches the grand finale. Tonight at 21.45 on Channel 5 it airs there episode number 43, the third from last before the announcement of the winner. Many topics covered by Alfonso Signorini during directincluding the verdict of the televoting which will decide the new finalist and the disqualification by Daniele Dal Moro

Big brother vip 7previews and the disqualification of Daniele Dal Moro

Between advances of the beta space reserved for disqualification of Daniele Dal Morowho had “a bit impetuous behavior”, Federica Panicucci told Morning 5. The behaviors concern a Q&A with Oriana Marzoli culminated with Daniele who put his arm around her neck. And with Oriana immediately alarmed: “I don’t like. You hurt me”.

In the press release released by the network we read that «After the numerous calls and warnings of the last few weeks, last night the competitor used vulgar expressions, held impetuous and disrespectful attitudes, breaking the rules».

The answer on Instagram

Once out of the program, Dal Moro defended himself on social media. “If I can’t even play with the girl I live with anymore, I’ve been crying, smiling and arguing for five months, then don’t call it reality TV. Go ask Oriana if I was hurting her». Regarding his presence in the studio tonight, she teases that he won’t be there.

«I had to be in the studio. This was not possible due to the new provisionsonly a video contribution as for Edoardo (Donnamaria, ed)», he writes on Instagram. Then he tells his story about the ways in which he was removed from the Cinecittà loft. “The difference is that Edoardo was not taken during the week as a fugitive”.

Then he continues: «I refused to send any type of video content for them to manipulate as they please. At the moment, unfortunately, my hands are tied due to contractual issues. In due time I will tell the whole truth about the Big Brother of children and stepchildren! This is a promise”he concludes.

Daniele Dal Moro. (Endemol Shine Italy)

GF VIP 7an edition born under a bad star

The seventh edition of VIP big brother will be remembered not only for the parterre of a few VIPs inside the House, but also for the controversy that characterized it. Attacks, insults, quarrels and clashes were the order of the day, until the criticisms became copious and insistent and Mediaset was forced to intervene.

From left: Micol Incorvaia, Gaiele De Donà, Nikita Pelizon, Milena Miconi and Antonella Fiordelisi. (Endemol Shine Italy)

Pier Silvio Berlusconi warned of education and more calm tones, who decided to put a stop to it. Thus, in recent weeks, additions have been added to the expulsion of Ginevra Lamborghini and Riccardo Fogli the disqualification of Edoardo Donnamaria and Daniele Dal Moro. The latter was reached by the provision on Friday 17 March.

The announcement of the third finalist of Big brother vip 7

In addition to the disputes and measures, the forty-third episode of the reality show also puts the spotlight on the announcement of the third finalist. They are in contention for the coveted goal Giaele De Donà, Antonella Fiordelisi, Milena Miconi and Nikita Pelizon. The most voted earns a place in the final. The least appreciated by televoting must leave the game and give up the prize pool.

The other two finalists, however, are Micol Incorvaia and Oriana Marzoli, crowned in previous episodes. At the moment, according to the preferences of the public, Big brother vip 7 is about to have a winner. Following the trio of women, the competitors Alberto De Pisis, Andrea Maestrelli, Luca Onestini and Edoardo Tavassi.