Bernd Leno hopes to return to the national team

Due to Manuel Neuer’s injury, Bernd Leno sees chances of a return to the national soccer team.

“The fact that there is now a vacancy again, I hope that I can convince the coaching staff at the DFB with my performance,” said the Fulham goalkeeper in an interview with “Kicker”. As a regular in the Premier League, he has the biggest stage every weekend to draw attention to himself.

“I don’t think a coach would choose a worse goalkeeper over a better one just because the former is playing in the Champions League,” said Leno.

After the season as a substitute at Arsenal FC, Leno reported that he quickly found his rhythm again after moving to Fulham. Leno described the year on the bench as “very difficult”, but also said: “It’s also an experience of a lifetime to really fall on your face. I didn’t do anything wrong at Arsenal and you could always count on me in the three years as number 1.”