Berlin Football Association prepares sports court proceedings

From BZ/dpa

The Berlin Football Association (BFV) wants to take legal action against CFC Vice President Cakir. The reason is anti-Semitism incidents.

After allegations of anti-Semitism, the Berlin Football Association will take action against the Vice President of CFC Hertha 06, Ergün Cakir. The BFV is preparing to initiate a sports court procedure, it said in a statement.

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“The of Ergun Cakir From the point of view of the Berlin Football Association, the statements made are completely unacceptable and incompatible with the values ​​enshrined in the statutes. The initiation of a sports court procedure at the request of the presidency is therefore the logical consequence,” said the president of the association Bernd Schultz.

“My son will hate the Jews for life”

Anti-Semitic incidents occurred at a youth game between Hertha 06 and TuS Makkabi on November 13 last year. Two youth players were then banned for two years, including Cakir’s son. “My son will hate the Jews for the rest of his life,” Cakir then said in an ARD documentary that aired at the end of January.

CFC Hertha 06 club chairman Ergün Çakir attracted attention in a video with anti-Semitic statements

CFC Hertha 06 club chairman Ergün Çakir attracted attention in a video with anti-Semitic statements Photo: Christian Lohse

Cakir also said in the article: “If you want to talk to someone, there is no one you can sit down with and talk to, but they say from the start: We are Jews, we have the right, we can do anything , what we want. What disappoints me about the Germans is that they play along.”

The hate is lifelong because his son is not allowed to play football, Cakir recently told the German Press Agency. He would have found a punishment other than a suspension that would have made more sense, while at the same time trying to reduce anti-Semitism. In court, Cakir apologized to the members of Makkabi who were present, as did his son, Cakir said.

CFC vice president apologizes

According to a statement, the CFC Vice President also apologized to the BFV on Monday “for the behavior of the sanctioned players and admitted to errors in relation to his statements”. In the course of the sports court proceedings, it will also be checked whether CFC Hertha 06 is ready to take sustainable steps to combat anti-Semitism, said BFV boss Schultz.