Benefit concert Syrian women’s group Emmen for earthquake victims: ‘We want to give hope’

With a benefit concert in Loods 13 in Emmen, the Syrian women’s group Emmen raised money today for the victims of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. Many of the women have family and friends in the affected area.

“I have a sister and a brother living there,” says Nour Saadi, president of the Syrian women’s group. “They are not doing well. No one is sure of their life now. Anything can happen every day and basic necessities are not available.” Together with the other women, Saadi organized a ‘Music, Meet & Eat afternoon’ in Loods 13 in Emmen. They arranged performances by Syrian and Dutch artists. Syrian delicacies and homemade bags and clothing were sold.

Jude Bshara, daughter of Nour Saadi, has great hope in organizing the benefit concert. Although she hasn’t been taking flute lessons for very long, she was on stage to play. “Every euro counts. We may not collect large amounts, but with a euro you can buy a box of paracetamol that you can help people with.” The news of the earthquake reached her through the family app group. “I woke up and saw the pictures and I was totally confused. My aunt sent voice memos saying there was a chance she was going to die. Very scary.”