Bella Hadid has her dress SPRAYED

    It’s hard to believe that this will turn into a real dress Photo: picture alliance/dpa/AFP | Julien de Rosa

    From the BZ editorial team

    Bella Hadid (25) made a special appearance at Paris Fashion Week. In the show of the “Coperni” label, the top model only came on stage in her panties and had her dress sprayed on her naked body.

    It wasn’t body painting that had been seen before. Textile was actually created on her skin. For this, the artists use a special polymer solution that contains both cotton and synthetic fibers.

    As “Vogue Businessreported that the fibers hardened when they came into contact with the skin – and even remained elastic. After a few tweaks, Hadid was able to move in her robe like any normally produced dress.

    Bella Hadid is sprayed

    Bella Hadid is sprayed Photo: JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP

    The trick behind it: The fabric can be changed back after wearing and used again. Coperni co-founder Sébastien Meyer: “It is our duty as designers to try new things and show what is possible in the future.”

    However, the technology is not yet suitable for the masses. “We won’t earn any money with it, but it’s a nice moment,” says Meyer. His team worked on the spray for six months together with the London Bioscience Innovation Centre.

    Luckily, Bella Hadid didn’t have to model for that long. (gla)


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