Beijing Olympics: Shaun White’s last is without a medal, fourth

At the age of 35, the three-time Olympic champion at the foot of the podium, in tears for the homage of the public

Fourth, as in Sochi in 2014. Shaun White closes the fifth Olympics at the foot of the podium, a fall in the last run leaves him without a medal but the result does not scratch the legend. It ended with the flying tomato in tears, moved by the long applause of the audience: all standing to greet the phenomenon that he tried to enter the top three until the last. It’s the handover: at 35, Shaun White sees the 19-year-old Japanese phenomenon Ayumu Hirano win, who he had beaten 4 years ago at the Pyeongchang Games. The Japanese scored 96 points ahead of the Australian Scotty James (92.50) and the Swiss Jan Scherrer (87.25). White stopped at 85.00.

The carreer

Gold in Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010 and PyeongChang 2018, White has dominated the X Games for 15 years and has become the icon of a sport that has crossed every barrier. He was the San Diego kid, they called him the flying tomato for that long red hair that fluttered in stunts, he defied every age rule in action sports, became popular outside the sports world, given the name at a video game, put on a rock band, launched his own line of sports equipment, was an actor and has been engaged for two years to an actress, Nina Dobraev.

The last race

His competition was stellar, a first run with double cork 1440. How wonderful. He ends up with 1260 back-to-back, one of which is a McTwist. He isn’t quite clean though, and gets a 72.00, good for fourth place. Second run: 1440 double cork and fourth (1260 McTwist): 85.00. Then the mistake in the third, in the extreme attempt to grab the last medal.


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