Because of financial offenses: Juventus are deducted ten points

Status: 05/22/2023 8:49 p.m

Shortly before the end of the season, Juventus Turin was punished with a heavy point deduction for financial offenses. Ten points in Serie A were deducted from the Italian record champions, which puts Juve’s participation in the Champions League in autumn in jeopardy.

The supreme court of the football association FIGC passed the verdict on Monday, falling just short of the eleven points deduction demanded by chief prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè.

The case concerns the allegation that Juventus has falsified the market values ​​of its players for years and is said to have booked excessive sums in transfers or barter transactions with other clubs. The association court had therefore sentenced the Turiners to a 15-point penalty at the beginning of the year.

The club took action before the highest Italian sports court and were initially successful – the judges of the National Olympic Committee (Coni) overturned the sentence, but referred the case back to the FIGC chamber for a new verdict.

Champions League at risk

Seven former Juve managers who were also accused, such as ex-professional Pavel Nedved, who were banned in the first trial, were acquitted this time. The former club bosses around the president Andrea Agnelli had already been banned at the beginning of the year – the highest Coni sports court had not revised their sentence either.

With the ten points deducted, Juventus slipped from second place behind the already established champions SSC Napoli from the top four and thus the Champions League-Ranks out. On Monday evening (8:45 p.m.), Turin played the catch-up game of the third to last matchday at FC Empoli.

Juventus not only has to answer to a sports court because of this cause. In the previous week, prosecutor Chinè had reported the association because it is said to have illegally booked and concealed salary payments in the millions. The first hearing in this process is scheduled for June 15th.