★★★★1/2 Beavis and Butt-Head came back better: it was Earth that got worse between 1998 (date they end up on a space mission) and 2022 (date they end up on Earth through black hole). The asshole teenagers of MTV today star in this sci-fi parody that is, above all, a bitter description of what Mike Judge himself, in another sensational movie, called Idiocracy. What this animation full of discoveries -no less so is its clear line style that describes the irredeemable plainness of a society governed by the most idiotic- shows us with pure humor is that our defects have intensified, to the point that these two guys seem wiser (the “extraterrestrial” presence goes a little there) than we are those who have lived these 24 years giving neurons to powers that did not know how to use them. Yes, very black everything, but tremendously fun.

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