V.Have you ever felt anxious because your phone’s battery was running low? You’re not alone: ​​according to research by OnePlus, three in four people (73%) do not leave the house with a battery below 20%. And there are specific situations in which staying ‘dry’ worries us the most: while using Google Maps (45%), when out and about with friends (25%) or while on vacation (30%).

    The telephone is a fundamental element for the daily routine of modern life, and being sure that this does not leave us in the middle of the day reassures us a lot.

    Headache from dead phone

    Also from the data of the research commissioned by OnePlus it emerges that 5% of people claim to suffer from headaches if the phone runs out of battery when they are away from home. While almost 1 in 10 (7%) admit to unable to concentrate on the other when the battery is about to run out.

    And there are specific places and times when this stress hits the hardest: the use of Google Maps for orientation is at the top of the list with 45%, while 25% of people worry if the smartphone runs out while is out with friends, and a third of people surveyed (30%) feel disoriented if the battery bar turns red in the middle of a vacation.

    The study also revealed how mobile devices are essential for our daily life: 61% of respondents admitted that their phone is an ‘indispensable’ tool for modern life, from accessing a current account to booking tickets, to managing work emails.

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    Women: the smartphone never runs out on the first date

    Regarding the gender gap, nearly one in five women (23%) admitted that it would be a problem if their phone went dead on a datepotentially compromising the ability to share real-time updates with friends on how this is going while only 7% of men have this concern.

    On public transport, however, for 38% of women (versus 23% of men) the train ride would be a bad time to have a dead battery and 22% of women (versus 13% of men) who say the same for the bus, adding that these moments are ideal for listening to a podcast or to take a look at social media.

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    Leaving the house without a smartphone? Never

    The research also found that three out of four people are amazed at how connected we are to technology today, with nearly half (46%) of respondents saying it would be really strange to be without their phone, so much so that68% never leave home without their own smartphone, to make sure you can easily contact people, while 47% hate the idea of ​​being unavailableespecially in an emergency.