Basketball: NBA star Aldridge declares career end

Basketball star LaMarcus Aldridge has announced his retirement.

“I’m grateful for all the memories, family and friends I’ve made throughout my career. It’s been a hell of a ride and I’ve loved every minute,” the 37-year-old power forward wrote on Twitter.

Following Tom Brady, the basketball player wrote that you can only resign big once. That time is now.

During his career, Aldridge played for the Portland Trail Blazers (2006-2015), the San Antonio Spurs (2015-2021) and the Brooklyn Nets (since 2021).

Aldridge, who came to the NBA in 2006 as the number two pick in the draft, was named to the All-Star Game in a total of seven years and was the leader of the Trail Blazers for many years.

With 20,558 points, Aldridge ranks 46th on the all-time scoring list. However, the native Texan was denied major titles.