Bas Smit and Nicolette van Dam arouse concern among the editors of the gossip magazine Party. They fear that the two will end up in a burnout because of the many criticisms they receive.

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    There is increasing controversy surrounding Bas Smit and Nicolette van Dam. Not only because of the incredible blunder with their Amsterdam Summer concert that completely fell into the water, but also with canal tours that are cancelled, employees of his delivery service causing a nuisance and the continuous stream of annoying Instagram videos.

    Anger and Criticism

    Bas and Nicolette are allergic to all that criticism and that is why they are very worried at the Party. ‘Is there a burnout lurking in Nicolette and Bas?’, the magazine headlines. ‘A lot of pressure, a lot of stress, fierce criticism and angry reactions!’

    The Party fears the worst. “Is the empire of companies they’ve built really doing so well? More and more negative reactions, anger and annoyance are emerging. What do Nicolette and Bas actually do and where does the married entrepreneurial couple threaten to walk past themselves?”


    Chips fall where they are chopped, but Bas and Nicolette occasionally make things very colorful. “Is the inspiring and ambitious business life they so eager to lead growing over their heads?” Party said.

    The magazine points out that the two also have children. “Combined with the daily care of their two young children Lola-Lily (10) and Kiki-Kate (7), being successful in countless areas might be a bit too much for Nicolette and Bas?”


    It is hoped that someone intervenes in time with Bas and Nicolette, according to the Party. “Hopefully the sympathetic couple will pull the handbrake in time, because a burnout is often lurking among hard workers.”

    “We enjoy Nicolette and Bas already high profile media personalities and everything they get done. But we also wholeheartedly grant the two their much-needed rest… After all, no one wants a burnout.”


    Bas and Nicolette with their alleged near-burnout: