With seven World Cup players in the line-up against a First RFEF team, the first cup tie could not be missed. And much less if those World Cup players and the four who accompanied them at the beginning and did not enjoy that privilege, come out determined. And if success smiles at them, practically on the first occasion, it happens that this game that contained so many traps easily gets back on track. Unless overconfidence, indolence itself, complicate it and force an additional effort.

    It happened to Barça with Espanyol and it happened against Intercity, with the difference that Rico Pérez’s draws came with a greater margin of time to be repaired. But it is also true that the ridicule was greater due to the recurrence of errors and defensive passivity, inappropriate for a competitive match, and paid for with an unworthy extension for having squandered the lead on the scoreboard three times. The fourth, the work of Ansu Fati, was an impossible undertaking for the Alicante team, exhausted by the very long runs they had to undertake to reach the Barça area.

    Three times the result was equaled by Oriol Soldevila Puig, ex-Barcelona youth player and Barça member

    Three draws for Soldevila

    Three times the result was equaled by Oriol Soldevila Puig, a former Barça youth player and Barça member, who signed the match of his life, astonishing everyone and making Joan Laporta red with anger, the embers of the tie in the derby still incandescent in his mind as to assume another against a rival with the name of a train and five years of life.

    Shame happened to the president of Barça and many culés passed to see that a team that is sixteenth of what was Second B sent a bunch of world cup players to the additional effort of an extension when the game had been on track after three minutes. After a goal from the footballer he wanted to play a game more. The one who had been waiting the longest to do it. Ronald Araujo went with all his fury to head a corner and finished off only thanks to the meter advantage that he tore from his marker in the strategic movement.

    Araujo did not infect his teammates with that pride, especially his teammates on the line, with the facilities granted in the area in Soldevila’s first two goals, and outside it in the third, when Mark Alonso, a guy curdled in the Premier, he allowed himself to be robbed in the division with a simple shoulder charge, so that the last local counterattack and the half-hour supplement were activated.

    bad sign for sunday

    It was as easy for Barça to concede goals as to score them, which confirmed both their scoring power and their defensive fragility. A bad sign to visit Atlético on Sunday, an opponent of greater substance and that, presumably, will demand a better response from Xavi’s team, which was unable to counteract the change made by Intercity after the break.

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    The eleven from Alicante eliminated a defender to introduce a midfielder. Very regressed from the beginning, it was uphill for him to climb towards Peña’s goal. This was recorded in the best opportunity he had. Aaron Pinan he quickly escaped from Koundé and Araujo, and dribbled past Peña. He snorted at the moment of shooting on goal, with the outside, without strength, and Araujo, who was walking with plenty of saved energy, still to be spent, deflected the ball from the ground. Soldevila did not forgive when he focused on Peña. Dembélé could have avoided so much unrest in his ranks, although he did more than Ferran and Memphis.

    Many illustrious names shone in the Barça eleven, of which several will fall on Sunday, not so much as punishment but for not having the category of starters in Xavi’s eyes. only repeated Alba in the derby lineup, for the sole reason that on Sunday he is sanctioned for his expulsion. But everyone, starting with the coach, has a problem.

    The datasheet

    Intercity: Fields (6); Guillem Jaime (6), Vadik (4), Álvaro (6), Gálvez (7), Romero (6); Soldevila (10), Bellotti (5), Marí (5), Roige (5); Pinan (7). Coach: Gustavo Siviero (7). Changes: Herrera (6) for Gálvez (m. 46); Koffi (6) by Roigé (d. 65); Xemi (6) by Piñán (m. 67); Undabarrena (5) by Jaime (m. 82) Nsue (5) by Bellotti (m. 82); Angong (5) by Álvaro (d. 93).

    Barcelona: Pena (5); Bellerín (6), Araujo (8), Koundé (6), Alba (5); Kessie (4), Busquets (6), Pablo Torre (7); Dembele (6), Ferran (5), Memphis (4). Coach: Xavi Hernandez (5). Changes: Raphinha (5) for Ferran (m. 60); Eric (5) for Araujo (m. 60); Gavi (5) by Torre (m. 60); Ansu Fati (5) for Memphis (m. 74); Marcos (4) by Bellerín (d. 83); Bucket (5) by Dembélé (d. 105).

    Goals: 0-1 (m. 4), Araujo; 1-1 (d. 59), Soldevila; 1-2 (m. 66), Dembélé; 2-2 (m. 74), Soldevila; 2-3 (d. 77), Raphinha; 3-3 (d. 86), Soldevila; 3-4 (d. 104), Ansu.

    Referee: Pizarro Gomez (6), from Madrid.

    cards: Tower.

    Stadium: Rich Perez.