Autumn day with rain showers and strong wind

    Later in the day the wind will decrease at maxima again around 12-13 degrees. There are regular showers.

    Tonight and tonight it remains unsettled with a number of scattered showers. The wind continues to decrease. The minima are around 6 to 8 degrees by morning.

    Also tomorrow it is changeable with clouds, clearance and a few showers. The maxima drop to about 11 degrees.

    In the weekend it is also changeable, although we seem to be able to keep it largely dry on Saturday. It will rain again on Sunday. The maxima will drop to 8 to 10 degrees on Saturday and tend to drop even further during the day.

    In the night to Sunday it can cool down to 3-4 degrees, but on Sunday during the day softer air will come in again with rain, a lot of rain even.


    Today there is a lot of wind at first. It will blow hard to stormy from the southwest in the morning at soft minima around 10 degrees. The rain and showers are also mainly in the morning. There will be more dry periods during the day. It will be about 12 degrees again. The wind will decrease a bit this afternoon, but it will still blow hard.

    Tonight and tonight is it is still slightly changeable with some scattered showers and minima around 8-9 degrees.

    Tomorrow we will get even more changeable weather. There are longer dry periods, but there are also regular showers at maxima around 11 degrees.