• The vaccination status will change on October 1st

    • The minimum wage will be increased to twelve euros

    • Gas allocation starts in October

    New Corona regulations

    As the federal government explains, a new legal framework for the corona protection measures is to apply from October 1, 2022 to April 7, 2023. Specific measures apply nationwide, such as the obligation to wear masks in long-distance public transport, a mask and test certificate requirement for hospitals and care facilities, and a mask requirement for patients in medical practices. Further measures are left to the individual federal states.

    As the Deutsche Apotheken Zeitung (DAZ) also reports, the federal government has decided to extend the simplified drug dispensing rules until April 7, 2023. In addition, pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians should continue to be authorized to carry out vaccinations against COVID until March 30, 2023.

    In addition, the vaccination status will change on October 1st. As the Federal Center for Health Education explains, from October one is only considered to be fully vaccinated if one can prove either three individual vaccinations (the last individual vaccination must have been given at least three months after the second individual vaccination) or two individual vaccinations and additionally before one of the two vaccinations was demonstrably infected (PCR or antibody test) or one became infected after the vaccination (PCR test as proof).

    The minimum wage and upper earnings limit for part-time workers and mini-jobbers will be increased

    As the federal government further reports, the minimum wage is also to rise from October 1st. From October, this will be €12 an hour. With the increase in the minimum wage, the upper earnings limit for marginally employed and mini-jobbers also rises, so that a weekly working time of ten hours at the minimum wage is possible. This will be increased from 450 euros to 520 euros per month in October. In addition, the upper earnings limit for midi-jobbers will increase from 1,300 euros to 1,600 euros.

    That will be more expensive

    Since the gas importers have to be supported due to the war in Ukraine in order to compensate for the high procurement costs for gas, the gas levy should start in October. On September 29, politics gave up after the nationalization from Uniper then announced that the gas surcharge will not come into force after all. In return, the federal government has agreed on an energy price brake.

    In addition, Telekom customers have to adjust to more expensive landline connections. Accordingly, the German telecommunications company explains that the basic fee for the analog fixed network connection “Call Start” will increase from EUR 21.95 to EUR 23.95 per month. The fee for the older tariff “Call Start (4) / Standard (m)” from 2008 will also increase by two euros from 18.95 euros per month to 20.95 euros.

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