Attacks in Den Bosch: police are looking for ‘shooter with a strange walk’

Who is involved in the three attacks that were committed in Den Bosch more than a year ago? A hand grenade explodes at a butcher shop in July of 2021. In a second attack months later, the same building is shot at. After that, a gym also becomes the target. The police are looking for more information about the mysterious attacks. She is particularly looking for the shooter, who can be recognized by ‘a strange walk’.

No injuries were reported in the attacks. However, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the case, the police said on Monday in the Bureau Brabant investigation program.

In the night from Monday to Tuesday, July 27, 2021, it hit the butcher shop on Kapelaan Koopmansplein for the first time. Images show two men who strike at the butcher shop around one o’clock in the morning. They throw in a grenade, but it doesn’t go off. Another grenade, outside the building, does go off.

The damage is great. On February 9, more than half a year later, things go wrong again at the butcher shop. Several bullet holes are discovered in the walls. Surveillance footage shows a white Renault Megane. He drives in the direction of the butcher shop. The same car is also seen in the explosion on February 11 at the Eendenkooi.

Then a gym at the Eendenkooi is the target. Around half past four that morning a hand grenade explodes. That grenade also causes a lot of damage to the building.

Who knows more?
The police have now released several images: of the white Megane and the attack on July 27, but also of the shooter on February 9. He can be recognized in the images by a very remarkable walk. Ten minutes after being captured by the surveillance camera, he shoots a gun at the butcher shop. Presumably he then got into the white Megane.

Anyone who recognizes any of these men or the white car is asked to contact the police.