At the weekend, an event will be organized in England where 220,000 pints of beer may be drunk

Plenty of drinks were reserved for England’s legendary galloping race.

The Cheltenham galloping races throw the British city into chaos for a week. PDO

During the weekend, many in England will head to the galloping track when the Cheltenham Galloping Races, first held in 1818, start again.

Sun reports that the organizers of the event have at least taken care of sufficient refreshments. A whopping 220,000 pints of beer have been reserved for the race days.

This year, the beer flows even more freely, as self-service counters have been installed in the festival area, where customers can pick up refreshments. One cup costs 7.50 pounds, or 8.50 euros at current exchange rates.

The popular sporting event also favors Cheltenham town’s fine dining restaurants. Located between Birmingham and Bristol, the city is home to around 118,000 people, but this week the area will be re-energised, with as many as 250,000 guests expected for the racing festival.

Of course, the weather can inoculate the crowd. The weather forecast promises wet and windy weather typical of the British Isles, but the sun may even peek out at the weekend.

The event, which is popular with celebrities and also royalty, has gradually been made more relaxed. There is no official dress code anymore, but every year many people put on their firsts in galloping competitions.

Queen Elizabeth was escorted to the Cheltenham Galloping Festival in 2009. PDO