Due to the ongoing chaos at Schiphol, KLM has again canceled dozens of flights for the third day in a row. This time it concerns 42 departing flights to European destinations. There are also at least 23 cancellations from other airlines, especially Transavia and Easyjet. Will the forced restriction on the number of travelers prevent another horror Monday at Schiphol?

    Last Thursday it turned out that Schiphol will be the next Monday looked forward with fear and trembling. The airport grabbed the only one emergency measure which could provide some relief from the ongoing chaos of unacceptable wait times for security checks: limiting the number of travelers and flights. Schiphol director Dick Benschop drew his conclusions and announced: his early departure.

    Monday in particular turns out to be a horror day, because many security guards press their mustaches and no longer show up for their shift. The airport, security companies and unions are once again talking to each other about better terms of employment and working conditions, but in the short term only a reduction in the number of departing passengers could help, much to the anger of airlines such as KLM.

    Planes stay on the ground

    Tomorrow KLM will cancel 42 flights to European destinations. This time the airline won’t let the planes take off empty, like yesterday, but keeps them grounded. This means that travelers who would fly to Schiphol or have to transfer there will also be rebooked or get their money back.