A major challenge in the monumental village are of course the impoverished buildings. But sustainability also plays a major role in this, says Sonja van der Meer. She is director of Het Drentse Landschap, one of the founders of the Nieuwe Rentmeester foundation. “It is of course no surprise that people are concerned about energy costs. But how can we make these buildings more sustainable? That is one of the questions. In the short term we can change natural behaviour, such as lowering the thermostat.”

    Van der Meer sees more challenges in the long term. “Sustainability costs a lot of money. We’re going to see if we can set up a fund to get money for sustainability. And to advise and support people on how they can tackle that sustainability.”

    And there is also a role for Morsink, says Van der Meer. “He has to become a kind of liaison officer in the village. Make the plans together, but also have money flows come to Veenhuizen. So that we can solve the major challenges, but that requires a lot of money.”

    Morsink really likes this task. “The overdue maintenance is a well-known part of the challenge. And we need extra resources for that. I have to find them in jars. That will certainly work, but I must say that those buildings also have their charm. must be preserved.”

    According to Morsink, Veenhuizen has a lot to offer. “And I want to show that. My goal is to put Veenhuizen on the map.” Morsink does not want to say exactly how he is going to do that. “You just have to wait and see.”

    Want to know what the ideas of the foundation and the new director are? Today we got to know: