The thirty-first edition of arteba proposes a moment of artistic appreciation for the weekend, which will take place from Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th of October, at the Salguero Coast Center. More than 400 artists represented by 71 galleries and artistic projects will participate in the exhibition.

    The exhibition spaces will be divided into three categories that will house the greatest exponents of local contemporary art. The Main Sectionl, linked to established galleries, and the Stage Section that represent artists of recent trajectory, are the traditional segments of the sample. This year adds Utopiathe category oriented to the most recent productions that brings together spaces managed by artists and other experimental marketing platforms.

    In this regard, at the fair, you will find a voluminous scale work curated by Florence Qualine. Among the artistic proposals, the cycle “Isla de Ediciones” carried out by Alejo Ponce de Leonthe section of “Video Program” responsibility of Lolo and Lautithe segment “Performance Program” coordinated by Charles Herrera and the “Art and Sustainability Program” cured by Sophia Dourron.

    On the other hand, it will present theAuditorium Program”made up of three cycles that will be repeated every day in the same time slots: the “Island of Editions Cycle“, the “Art Cycle” Y “Digital Culture”. It also highlights the sections “Exploring the abyss” Y “Cycle of Talks” to the delight of the crowd.

    The independent selection committee for this year was made up of Nora Fisher (Director of the Nora Fisch Gallery, Buenos Aires), Charles Huffmann (artist and director of the Art Department of UTDT, Buenos Aires), Herminda Lahite (director of Hache, Buenos Aires), Nancy Rojas (member of the curatorial team of Malba, Buenos Aires) and Anthony Villa (director of Constitution, Buenos Aires), maximum responsible for the proposals received.

    “The diversity of existing formats for contemporary production, which under the curatorship of selected professionals will work on different very current themes such as sustainability, the body, experience and technology”, are the features highlighted in the event by Larissa Andreani Y Edward MalleaPresident and Vice President of the Arteba Foundation.

    The face-to-face return of arteba, with more than 30 years of validity, continues the Buenos Aires tradition of promoting Argentine art and its insertion in international circuits. world institutions like the Pompidou Museumthe Dallas Museum of ArtandThe Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and the Dos de Mayo Art Center (CA2M) will join the acquisitions program, which will also include several of the main Argentine museums, in this 2022 edition.

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