Argentine Islands: 5 vacation destinations surrounded by water

Near to Argentine Seain Buenos Aires lagoons, in Patagonian lakes or in the same Silver river, the islands are prized destinations for adventure and observation tourism. Many visitors choose these points because of the tendency to experience sustainable tourism. A way of linking the ecosystem and the natural environment with rest and appreciation.

On the other hand, several of these destinations have a historical fascination. Many of these sites were discovered by expeditionaries and pioneers from other centuries, who left a certain legacy in building construction or in tour circuits. Of these little-known places in the country, five islands are recommended.

Martin Garcia Island

A kind of miniature world, of two square kilometers, maintains this island that is located near the Uruguayan coast. sighted by Solis in 1516, its name recalls one of the sailors of the expedition who died and was buried there, in the middle of what they called the “sweet sea”. Martín García is a compendium of historic buildings, houses where overthrown presidents were detained throughout 20th century (Irigoyen and Peron), ruins of a military prison, a museum, a lighthouse, a bakery that should not be missed, and different walking paths.

Bird Island

Bird Island

According to legend the French writer Saint Exupéry he was inspired by the islet for the illustration of the boa that swallowed an elephant in the book The little Prince. At low tide, the Chubut island is a refuge for a huge colony of seagulls, cormorants, penguins and oystercatchers. It can be observed with binoculars from the interpretive center. In addition to the birds, their shape is striking: flat on both ends and inflated in the center.

Big Island

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The pampas tribes knew it as Handsome Minuthe island inside, a term that derived in the current name of the Buenos Aires city of Guamini. In 1981 an Austrian aristocrat had a house built to spend time there. The property then passed from hand to hand until the current owners turned the house and the island into a tourist venture. the sistinaa country boutique inn that offers an excellent gastronomic service, is the stopping point of Isla Grande, in the middle of a very country landscape where herds of antelopes and other animals graze.

Ariadne Island

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Located in the Bahía Blanca Provincial Nature Reserve, Ariadna was the name of the island that recalls one of the daughters of an English sailor, a pioneer in that area of ​​southern Buenos Aires. The destination has a small inn and it is surely the only one that offers the possibility of spending the night in the middle of the Argentine Sea. It is visited, above all, by fishermen attracted by the great variety of fish they can catch, but it is also a place to watch seabirds, dolphins and orcas.

Victoria Island

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Victoria Island, in the middle of the lake nahuel huapi, is about 20 kilometers long by four in its widest parts. It is a natural reserve that is part of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and you can only visit a small portion of its territory, around port anchorena and the historic hotel, while the rest is intangible. The port pier, in the narrowest part of the island, is a common stopover for tourist trips around the lake.

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