Cícero João de Cézare, for all Cicinho. A footballer whose career has been drastically affected by just too many vices and excesses. And the Brazilian told some anecdotes about his time at Real…

    Cícero João de Cézare, for all Cicinho. A footballer who could become one of the best right wingers in the world, but whose career has been drastically affected by a little too many vices and excesses. In any case, the Brazilian has more than one thing to tell, given that he played for Real Madrid and Roma, as well as obviously for Seleçao, winning the Confederations Cup in 2005 with the green-and-gold national team. And among the many anecdotes that the former Roma fan has shown, reported by Brandthere is more than one that concerns life at the time of Real, when there were champions like Zidane, Ronaldo and Beckham in the dressing room.


    The protagonist is the Spice Boy, Cicinho’s team mate in the 2006/07 season, as well as owner (among his many businesses) of a clothing store. Which, as the Brazilian says, intrigued the full-back so much that he went shopping with the Englishman. Bad idea. “I only went once and I certainly don’t remember it as a happy experience. I bought three things: a shirt, a jacket and a vest. I go to the saleswoman to pay and she says ‘it’s 25 thousand euros’. And I thought ‘fuck, I’m only going to wear the jacket two or three times in my life!‘”. After all, the Brazilian’s mistake, who should have known that anything branded Beckham… costs more.


    But Cicinho, when he talks about Real Madrid, has a bitter tooth. Normal, considering that his experience in those parts did not go as he expected. He blamed … on his rival for the full-back spot, Salgado. That he has never accepted the presence of the Brazilian, judging by what the former Romanist tells us. “When Roberto Carlos left, I was the starter. Ramos was central and sometimes played full-back and Salgado was the third option. And then Casillas gave him the job of vice-captain so that he could play.” And even in the personal relationship, things are not going well. “Salgado would say hello to everyone in the dressing room, but when it was my turn he ignored me. And at that point I always pretended to tie my boots.” Certainly not the best way to team up…