News item | 30-09-2022 | 15:45

    mr. Drs. AH (Arne) van Hout will become Director-General of Public Administration and Democratic Rule of Law at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The Council of Ministers has approved the nomination on the proposal of Minister Bruins Slot of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The appointment will take effect on December 1, 2022.

    The Directorate-General for Public Administration and Democratic Rule of Law, together with other governments and partners, implements and strengthens the institutions of the democratic constitutional state, public administration, and the relationship between government and citizens, with various policy initiatives and measures, in which the fundamental rights of citizens are monitored.

    Arne van Hout has been municipal secretary since 2016, and also general manager of the municipality of Nijmegen. From 2011 to 2016 he was municipal secretary of the municipality of Bronckhorst. Before that, he held various management positions at the municipalities of Bronckhorst, Rozendaal and Weesp. Arne van Hout studied Dutch Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law and Environmental Sciences at Utrecht University.

    This appointment was made on the basis of the procedure for the top management group of the General Administrative Service.