The last performer of Himos Midsummer on Thursday is Antti Tuisku.

    In Antti Tuisku’s performance, the whips were wild. ATTE KAJOVA

    Antti Tuisku closes the first day of Himos Midsummer. Tuisku arrived to drive the festival crowd after midnight and started his show with a song Selected peopleafter which he went straight to his hit song The beast is off.

    – What belongs to Himos, Tuisku asks in his opening speech, waving a whip and the audience screams so wildly in front of the pop star that it hurts.

    – The goddess has missed such a sight! Tuisku shouts to the roaring audience.

    Tuisu’s songs are familiar to the public. The audience knows every song word for word. ATTE KAJOVA

    Tuisku reveals in his interstices that the song Gridr Mayhem was born in a cottage in Himos in the spring.

    After a few songs, Tuisku pulls out his mug for drinking. However, this is not just any Mug, but the Medusa Studded Travel Cup Mug decorated with crystals from the fashion house Versace in blue. The mug costs Versace according to the website 850 euros, but the color blue is currently on sale at half price. Tuisku sips the mug and hands it over to his backing dancer.

    Pictured is the Mug in the Hand of the Background Dancer, and a screenshot from the Versace website. EVENING NEWSPAPER / Snapshot FROM VERSACE

    – Even if you think that in 18 years you would not get used to this sight, you will never get used to it, Tuisku tells the audience.

    Tuisku continues his speech, opening to the public about the difficult corona years, as well as the difficult spring, referring to the world situation. He thanks the audience for arriving today and urges them to leave the worries at the festival.

    – I’ve been in such a cross wave of emotions. I’ve been wondering what kind of mood the stage will be on, Tuisku paves the way.

    – If sometimes it’s time to gather around important values, then it’s time, Tuisku says.

    Antti Tuisku’s attraction also included slow songs, such as Forgive me for good. ATTE KAJOVA

    The evening ends with a song Because of the money. Tuisku praises the audience, leaving behind the audience.

    – I have to twerk to get a fist, the lyrics are left out as a common song after the star leaves.

    The first day of Himos Midsummer has come to an end. Iltalehti will report on the spot again tomorrow, Friday.

    Antti Tuisku and Erika Vikman released a joint song in the autumn of 2021.