Andreas Küttel told about the aha experience he experienced on the race trip.

    Andreas Küttel knows how to impress judges. PDO

    In Liberec in 2009, Suurmäki MM gold jumper Andreas Küttel has revealed blinding things behind the scenes of ski jumping.

    Ski jumping suits and messing around with them have recently become a big topic of conversation, as athletes use the suits to circumvent the rules as they see fit. Suits are sewn in such a way that they have plenty of extra fabric, for example in the crotch area.

    The Swiss Küttel, 43, has now opened the matter from the inside Blick’s in an interview.

    Among other things, the world champion reveals that during his junior years, he sprayed his jumping clothes with hairspray, so that the air would pass through it as poorly as possible and the jumps would carry further.


    In 2005, Küttel had an even bigger aha experience when he talked to the Austrian ski jumping coach on the way to the competition by Alexander Pointner with.

    Pointner wondered aloud if Küttel had changed the jump suit between jump rounds the day before, as his second round cut had carried much further.

    Küttel told the truth that he had jumped in the same suit, but he immediately realized how the neighboring country was being cheated: the suit that passed the inspection was changed to a new one for the latter round.

    According to Blick’s information, the same trick is used in ski jumping even today.

    Swiss ski jumping boss Berni Schödler told for Blick on the other hand, about another problem with suits.

    During the competition, there is practically no time to check the costumes of all the jumpers. According to Schödler, up to half of the competitors may survive without a major check if there are several races on the same weekend.

    Schödler says that, for example, in the big teams of Norway or Poland, a few jumpers inevitably survive like a dog from a dog.