Another large egg exhibition at Asser Brink: ‘It is becoming a tradition’

Several dozen eggs are on pedestals in front of the Drents Museum in Assen. The eggs, each almost a meter high, have been decorated by students from various schools in and around the provincial capital.

Art teacher Karin Kingma supervises the placement of the eggs as if it were a military operation. “It’s the third time for us, and then you doubt whether you should do it again. But then you notice that other people are looking forward to it, so it’s becoming a tradition.”

According to student Annefloor of CS Vincent van Gogh, location Salland, she and her friends worked extra hard on their egg, because they knew that it would be on public display. “We had to work on it a lot during lessons and after school.”

Annefloor’s girl group has created an egg-shaped blue cookie monster. “Of course we wanted to do our best because it is in the city and everyone wants to look at it. So we really did our best.”

The teacher also noticed that the students are doing their best. “They love that, that exposure to the outside. And the work is great, it’s not a craft that ends up in the corner of the room. No, everyone can see it. Great.”

The eggs are reused every year for a new group of artistic students. These eggs are therefore different from last year’s, but there is an exception. One of the young artists from one egg died in the past year. “Then the primary school called, ‘do you still have that egg?’ Fortunately, it was still there. It’s great that we can now exhibit it again. And when the exhibition is over, it will go back to primary school, the Compass.”

The eggs will be on the Brink in Assen until April 10.