Annemarie van Gaal would never buy an expensive bag: ‘Max 4,000 euros’

Annemarie van Gaal may be a wealthy woman, but that does not mean that she walks around with very expensive bags. “That goes too far for me. It really stops at 4,000 euros.”


Most people will not understand: celebrities who, because of their well-filled bank accounts, walk around with bags worth thousands of euros, just to boost their image. Businesswoman and TV personality Annemarie van Gaal also thinks so. She tells in weekly magazine Weekend that she watches the money.

‘I do not do that!’

Annemarie may be good for millions, but that does not mean that she buys everything that is loose and stuck, she says. She is into consuming. “I see something in that, that you just buy a little less. And that you think very carefully about what you buy.”

Many clothes are just not worth it, she believes. “With clothing, I quickly think: I’m not going to do that for that amount. I am different with furniture, because it lasts so long and you look at it every day. Furniture must be more sustainable than clothing.”

Designer bag

The same goes for designer bags, says Annemarie. She thinks it’s ridiculous when women walk around with very expensive bags and refuses to follow their example. “No no no. That would really go too far for me.”

She continues: “What is the maximum I would spend on a bag? If it’s really nice, that’s a lot. A beautiful Chanel bag is also quickly 4,000 euros. But then it will stop.”

Ah yes. So that doesn’t fall under the category of ridiculously expensive. It just depends on what your frame of reference is.

50 euros

Finally, Annemarie says that she is also thrifty when it comes to shopping. “I came home proud last night, because I had saved 50 euros at Albert Heijn through the bonus, that’s quite a lot haha!”

And eating out? “We don’t do that very often. I also really like to cook. We always tip when we go out to eat.”