Actress Anne Heche died in an accident on August 12.

    Actor Anne Heche died in a tragic car accident in August. Currently, the court is discussing the division of Heche’s inheritance and property. Heche has two children: Homer20, and Atlas13.

    Inheritance and property division has produced headaches and disputes for family members. Heche’s son Homer Laffoon has said that he wants to take over his late mother’s property. PeopleAccording to documents obtained by the website, Homer filed a nine-page addendum to his original petition on Sept. 27, detailing his claim to the property.

    The documents also reveal how Homer claims his mother’s ex-partner, an actress by James Tupper, 57, who prevented Homer and his half-brother Atlas from contacting each other after their mother’s death. Tupper is Atlas’ father.

    Anne Heche was 53 years old when she died. PDO

    Invalid will?

    In his additional documents, Homer states that the will written in 2011 is invalid, because according to Homer, the signature in it does not belong to his mother. In the will, Tupper would have been appointed as administrator of Heche’s estate.

    – Mr. Tupper repeatedly refers to the attached email as a “testament” in his own objection. According to the law, however, the e-mail is not an official will, Homer’s documents say.

    – The e-mail does not meet the legal requirements of a valid holographic will, because the materials of the alleged will are not in the handwriting of the deceased.

    According to the documents, Tupper’s purported will does not have two official witnesses who signed it during Heche’s lifetime.

    People did not reach Homer or Tupper or their representatives for comment on the disagreements.

    This is what Heche’s car looked like after the accident. Heche was stuck in the burning car for half an hour. PDO

    Anne Heche died tragically in a car accident. Heche drove the car twice towards the apartment building. He was trapped in the burning car for about half an hour, after which he was pulled out of the car.

    The death certificate shows that his sternum was broken, and he also suffered significant burns. He also inhaled significant amounts of smoke from the burning car.

    Heche was found to be brain dead, after which he was artificially kept alive with the help of machines. On Friday, August 12, the machines were turned off, after which he was officially pronounced dead.

    As a result of the accident, one person’s home was destroyed. PDO