Roxeanne Hazes reacted yesterday in the talk show of Eva Jinek to her departure from the concert series Holland Zingt Hazes. “It’s a combination of several factors.”

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    It is clear to everyone why Roxeanne Hazes is leaving the extraordinarily lucrative concert series Holland Zingt Hazes: she is completely done with her scandal mother Rachel. The official reason is that she is ready for a new step in her career and she was allowed to repeat that yesterday in the talk show of Eva Jinek.

    No juicy questions

    It is clear that prior to the broadcast, Roxeanne had stipulated that no questions would be asked about her family quarrel. The talk show host did not ask one juicy ask.

    About the reason for her departure, Roxeanne says: “It’s a combination of several factors, but the main one is really just focusing on my own music, you know. I did this for ten years with a lot of love and pleasure and before that I really performed every weekend in the country with his music.”

    André as daddy

    She has phased out those performances a long time ago. “I think it’s also healthy in some way to see my father in a way that I can only see him, just as Dad and as Fender’s grandfather and therefore really get some time to actually play him that beautiful role. to give.”

    She continues: ”Unfortunately not more physically than, but I notice that Fender is now starting to get some questions too. I would love to tell him about it as a grandfather, so to speak and not necessarily as an artist.”

    In heaven

    Roxeanne’s son is asking more and more questions about his deceased grandfather. “Fender recently asked where his other grandfather is. He calls him the grandfather of the songs. I told Grandpa is in heaven and then he said, ‘Where is that then?’ I said, “That’s a very nice place on the clouds, where it’s always nice.” Then he said, ‘Oh, that’s where I want to go too.’”

    She continues: “Then I said, ‘Fen, that will take a while.’ I said, “You don’t go there until you’re very old and you can’t walk anymore.” And now he says to everyone: ‘Do you know that my grandfather had no feet anymore?’ haha.”

    Door not closed

    Roxeanne does leave the Holland Zingt Hazes door ajar. “It’s not a final goodbye either, but for now I think it’s very healthy.”

    Eva not only spared Roxeanne questions about the argument with her mother, but also about her conflict with the Rachel-affiliated Story magazine.