Last year, Anna Dyvik was injured in the infamous Impilinna bend. This year, the Swede is not going to test the bend.

    Swedish skier Anna Dyvik memories of last year’s World Cup in Ruka are not flattering.

    Dyvik fell a year ago in the women’s 10 km race on the slopes of Impilinna. The Swede hit his head and back violently.

    – The track was really icy. The skis came off and I got a concussion. It took 3-4 weeks to recover, he says now.

    Dyvik, who won several junior world championships in his career, did not immediately realize that he was injured. He skied to the finish and was 19th.

    The concussion symptoms hit later. The race weekend was missed.

    – Head and back ache. I was feeling bad. The symptoms were minor, but one had to be careful when it comes to the brain.

    Anna Dyvik recovered from a concussion and a mental breakdown. PASI LEISMA

    For this season, the bend in Impilinna has been changed. The main bend turning to the right at an angle of almost 90 degrees was softened and the inclines were increased.

    The left-hand slope before the main bend has also been smoothed. The visibility of the curve has improved.

    Dyvik hasn’t tested the new Impilinna bend, because the kurkukurvu will be skied this coming weekend only with the women’s traditional ten. The Swede only participates in the sprint.

    Despite his experiences, he does not consider the “old” Impilinna too dangerous.

    – The landing was not dangerous. It was more about the fact that the competitors were not prepared for the icy conditions. It is rare that there is so much ice.

    For Dyvik, it was the first time that a fall caused an injury.

    – I did fall, but not so that I hit my head.


    Last year, Anna Dyvik crashed at the bend in Impilinna. Pasi Liesimaa

    The Swedish star’s dream came true last season when he was selected for the Beijing Olympics. The trip was a disappointment, as he finished 17th in his only trip, in the sprint.

    In the spring, Dyvik collapsed mentally.

    – I was really down and tired after the Olympics. The whole summer was difficult in terms of training. It was hard to wake up in the morning. Wasn’t feeling motivated at all.

    – It was new to me. There was no fire to train in the summer.

    In the darkest moments, even the food didn’t taste good. Dyvik feels that the season colored by the Olympics and strict corona restrictions was mentally tough.

    – At first it was difficult to get into the Olympic team. Then you had to be isolated at the Olympics. I didn’t have the same social contacts as usual. That was hard.


    Dyvik is back in the national team. PASI LEISMA

    The Swedish skier asked his own spiritual coach for help. He focused on things in everyday life that are good and that bring joy.

    The problems were left behind.

    Now the national team is also supported. Last season, Dyvik was intentionally left out of the national team, but returned to the blue and yellow ranks this season.

    – Last season, I felt that training for the national team was not optimal for me. Now I’m more ready for the national team than a year ago. It’s also about the economy. You get important support from the national team.

    This season, some of the Swedish stars have left the national team Frida Karlsson, Maja Dahlqvist and Linn Svahn. Dyvik laughs when asked if there is drama in the national team when the tough names leave the back left.

    – Not everyone is satisfied with the national team’s performance, he formulates.


    Thursday 24.11.

    15.00 men’s combined reserve competition (HS142)

    Friday 25.11.

    11.00 women’s and men’s sprint (p) qualifiers

    12.15 men’s combined hill section (HS142)

    1:30 p.m. women’s and men’s sprint (p) heats

    16.00 men’s combined cross-country skiing section (5 km)

    17.45 men’s ski jumping qualification (HS142)

    Saturday 26.11.

    10.00 men’s hill race (HS142)

    12.00 women’s 10 kilometers (p), split start

    13.30 men’s combined hill section (HS142)

    14:30 men’s 10 kilometers (p), split start

    16.20 men’s combined cross-country skiing section (10 km)

    Sunday 27.11.

    08.30 men’s ski jumping qualifying (HS142)

    10.00 men’s ski jumping competition (HS142)

    12.00 men’s combined cross-country skiing, pursuit (10 km)

    13.00 women 20 kilometers (v), pursuit

    14.30 men 20 kilometers (v), pursuit

    16.15 men’s combined hill section (HS142)