BVAnn Van den Broeck (45) has given an update on Instagram about her fight against breast cancer. The musical actress announced on social media that the first phase in her fight against this terrible disease has been completed. In addition, Ann also had good news for her followers.

    “The day before yesterday I jumped for joy and drank an alcohol-free coupeke because yesterday I received my twelfth and last Taxol chemotherapy. End of a first phase in this tough process,” writes the ‘Mamma Mia’ actress on her Instagram account. In addition, Ann also had good news for her followers. “I’ve got the motherfucker by his side. The tumor is already greatly reduced in size.” Ann’s battle against this terrible disease is not over yet. The musical actress will soon start the second phase: four biweekly AC chemo’s. “These are heavier, so I secretly hope that my superpowers continue to do their job here too. I expect the worst, then it might not be too bad.”

    Mental boost

    Despite the fact that a difficult period is still ahead, the actress remains remarkably positive. “I can’t deny that I feel the presence of chemo in my body everywhere and at all times. But so far I’m doing fine. Besides a sometimes enormous fatigue, I don’t really suffer from other side effects. Or at least nothing I can’t handle.” In addition, Ann also had a few words of praise for her husband Stany Crets and for her colleagues at ‘Mamma Mia’. “Over the past period I have been able to pull myself up to my support and rock Stany Crets. I haven’t had to cook once in the past few months, just to name a few. I also got a lot of energy from my colleagues at ‘Mamma Mia’. This show gave me the mental boost to move on. Mind you, I could only play these shows when I was sleeping and resting during the day.”

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    Ann Van den Broeck announced in early August that she has breast cancer. “Bad news spreads quickly, so I’d like to bring you the right information myself,” the musical actress said at the time on Instagram. “Very recently I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the coming period I will receive the necessary professional treatments with all the unpleasant consequences that entails. I hope, believe and like to assume that I will be able to continue my private life and my professional activities to the best of my ability in the coming months, but in the meantime I will go to battle and fight together with my supporters against this unannounced and uninvited motherfucker. ”


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