TO just under three months after the release of Obi-Wan Kenobithe most recent spin-off in the saga of Star Warshere it is Disney + shifts the focus to the rebel Cassian Andor. Another beloved character of the franchise who deserved a story all about himself as always set in a galaxy far, far away. Set five years prior to Rogue One: a Star Wars Story (film released in 2016), Andor is a longer and more structured series than the other shows inspired by George Lucas characters. So that Tony Gilroy, creator producer and author, has already planned two years and twenty-four episodes.

    The final trailer for “Andor”, the Star Wars series with Diego Luna

    Andor: what it’s about

    The official synopsis says that: “Andor will offer a new perspective on the galaxy of Star Wars, focusing on Cassian Andor’s journey to discover the difference he can make in history. The series continues the tale of the nascent rebellion against the Empire. It is an age full of dangers, deceptions and intrigues in which Cassian will undertake the path destined to transform him into a hero and a rebel ».

    Therefore it is a spy thriller, sci-fi action, but above all it is the chronicle of the protagonist’s evolution. An angry and distrustful man, a murderer and a con man who turns into a revolutionary willing to sacrifice his life to free the galaxy from the grip of the Empire.

    “This is a show about real people. We are in a very dark time for the galaxy, ”he explained Diego Luna. “The series is adventurous and action-packed, as you’d expect from Star Wars, but then it gets more reflective, takes time to understand each character and takes time for each story.”

    For showrunner Tony Gilroy Andor not only offers adventure and action, there are more intimate and personal moments, of politics and espionage. In time, everything will find meaning ». Let’s find out then who are the characters that populate the first season.

    Cassian Andor (Diego Luna). (Lucasfilm Ltd)

    Cassian Andor

    Diego Luna reprises the role he first played in Rogue One. The Mexican actor described the series as an ensemble show: «Even if the series is called Andorthat at center of the story is a community“. In the film, the hero was presented as a loyal infiltrator of the Rebellion against the villains of the saga, or the despots of the Empire.

    His methods are ruthless and violent, and show that he is willing to do anything to carry out his mission. Andor has no qualms about killing for the causeand is ready to sacrifice his life to save the galaxy.

    Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly). (Lucasfilm Ltd)

    Mon Mothma

    She is the leader of the Rebel Alliance, she made her debut in Return of the Jedi (Caroline Blakiston), to then change her features into Revenge of the Sith and in Rogue One. Now she has the face fromIrish-born actress Genevieve O’Reilly. Mothma is a senator of the Republic opposed to the imperial regime that replaced democracy.

    Seek with every resource to inspire change and resolve things through politics, but the power of the Galactic Empire is unstoppable. This leads Mothma to become a founding member of the Rebel Alliance. Andor promises to deepen the analysis of Mothma’s role in supporting peace and democracy in the Empire.

    Saw Gerrera

    Saw Gerrera has a rather long history in the universe of Star Wars. His first appearance in flesh and blood (with the features of Forest Whitaker), dates back to Rogue One. In reality the character made his first appearance in the fifth season of the cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

    In the events of Rogue OneSaw and his loyal followers have become so militant and radicalized that the Alliance has completely cut ties with them. Andorwill hopefully show how this relationship was interrupted and what prompted Saw to decide to go against the Empire alone.

    Luthen Rael

    The Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård she plays Luthen Rael, an Alliance spy, an idealist who suffers at the hands of the Empire, but also believes that this evil kingdom will end sooner or later.

    Luthen also appears to have a deep connection with some high-level Rebellion figures, such as Mon Mothma, and is ready to involve a more than reluctant character in his plansthe protagonist Andor.

    Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgard). (Lucasfilm Ltd)

    Bix Caleen

    Adria Arjona has recently become famous thanks to Irma Vep, available on Skly. In Andor plays Bix Caleen, a woman shrouded in mystery. In the trailer scenes she introduces herself as a rebel trying to escape the Stormtroopers.

    Her character will suffer a very serious loss and injustice from what promises to be one of the show’s main antagonists – the servant of the Syril Karn Empire – and that will make her eager for revenge.