By Stephen Peter

    The debate in the House of Representatives on the chaos election of 2021 was exciting, passionate, at times stormy – and hypocritical! A comment from BZ editor Stefan Peter.

    Anyone who listened to Greens parliamentary group leader Werner Graf might think that the eco-party was in the opposition. There must finally be an end to politicians hiding behind unclear responsibilities. That’s true, of course – but the Greens have been sitting on the government bench for years.

    A protest by their former members of the Senate against the 2021 election date with four different votes and a marathon on one day is not yet known.

    Many deputies appeared defiant to Andreas Geisel, who as Interior Senator was responsible for organizing the elections at the time. The SPD politician acted somewhat contritely, but is by no means considering resigning. His maxim “You’re always smarter afterwards” sounds a bit pathetic.

    On the left, there has been open campaigning for top candidate Klaus Lederer.

    The culture senator was advertised by parliamentary group leader Anne Helm in a somewhat peculiar praise: “He not only loves the operas, but is also at home in the clubs and small studios.” The election campaign is on!