Anadolu Efes Head Coach Ergin Ataman was hospitalized with the diagnosis of pneumonia

According to the statement made by Anadolu Efes Club, Ergin Ataman, who caught an upper respiratory tract infection at the beginning of the week, took outpatient medication due to the intense match tempo and took part in the Real Madrid and Partizan matches in the THY Europa League.

Ataman was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days ago due to the increase in his symptoms, and it was decided to continue the treatment of Ergin Ataman as an inpatient.

Due to his illness, Ergin Ataman could not take the field at the head of his team in the Anadolu Efes-ONVO Büyükçekmece match played in the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League today.

Ataman, whose treatment process is positive, will be taken again on Tuesday, March 21. Assoc. Dr. The results will be evaluated by Hande İkitimur, and it will be decided whether the experienced head coach can lead the team in the match against Alba Berlin in the THY Europa League on Thursday, March 23.