an alliance to care for the planet

06/09/2023 at 06:30


Alpro and GoodNews join forces to raise awareness about the importance of caring for the environment together with emerging artists

Although sometimes we doubt the impact we can have in the fight for a better planet, with small gestures we can change the world. It is not necessary to drastically change our routine, it is enough to be more aware when buying and feeding ourselves to do our bit. With this in mind, Alproy GoodNews have come together to encourage you to consume in a more responsible and respectful way with the environment.

A year ago, Alpro, the brand of danone leader in vegetable drinks and alternatives to yogurt, together with GoodNews, the startup that was born to revolutionize traditional newsstands, launched the first edition of the campaign “Good Coffee for the Planet” and they offered coffee with Alpro drink at 10 cents discount. As a result of this initiative, they have managed to increase the consumption of coffee with a vegetable drink from 7% to 21%, 1 in 3 coffees!

Opting for the plant-based drink when you buy your daily coffee is not only good for you, you’re also doing the planet a huge favor. Just by drinking a daily cappuccino with 100% vegetable oats, up to 4,000 liters of water are saved per year. The more people join these small gestures, the greater the benefit for the environment.

Art as a way of vindication

In the first edition of “Good Coffee for the Planet”, art played an important role as a historical form of claim and mobilization. For this reason, both companies collaborated with renowned graphic artists to decorate the shutters of Good News stores to connect with the new generations and make consumers aware of the need to prioritize plant-based alternatives.

This year they have decided to broaden the experience and value emerging talent, encouraging all young artists to participate through an open contest on social networks, and a closed contest among Visual Communication students from the prestigious IED design school. (European Institute of Design) of Barcelona and Madrid.

The winners of the contest are L. Kassem, C. Páez, L.Valdez, A. Stern, C. Kotliarsky, P. Andersen, P. Martín, I.Espada, C. Barbero and, winner of the open contest on social networks, T. Eng. After presenting unique works, the artists filled the blinds of the GoodNews stores in Barcelona and Madrid with color. With this collaboration, the brands want to spread the benefits of consuming plant-based foods, both for your health and for caring for the planet, and give visibility to the talent and creativity of emerging artists.