Alpine Skiing Killington Women: Live Ticker – Slalom


Michelle Gisin (SUI)

Is the slope already giving way? Or is it the current drivers who act too weakly? It’s probably a mix of both. Michelle Gisin doesn’t hit the bars directly enough and is usually far away from them. Almost three seconds behind is a disappointing interim result.


Ali Nullmeyer (CAN)

Will the second Canadian do better than the almost-eliminated St-Germain? At least Nullmeyer drove the best time of the second starter group so far, but with a steep slope that was too passive, he was 1.67 seconds behind.


Mina Fuerst Holtmann (NOR)

After the top eight, all within just a little over a second of each other, the deficit is now getting bigger. Fuerst Holtmann also skis a rather weak steep slope and is almost two and a half seconds behind when crossing the finish line.

4:30 p.m

Martina Dubovska (CZE)

Weak performance by Dubovska: The Czech does not release the ski and uses the edge far too hard. She is usually on the brakes and loses almost a whole second in the last section alone.


Laurence St Germain (CAN)

Will that still be something with the second round? Probably not, because Laurence St-Germain loses the pressure on the outside ski at the beginning of the steep slope in the inside position. It just barely stays in the course at all and is almost there. More than three seconds behind, she takes her to the finish line.


Catherine Troupe (AUT)

The second Austrian is on her way. She drives rhythmically, but stands on the edge for too long and is three hundredths slower than Bucik, currently the slowest after eight runners.


Anna Swenn-Larsson (SWE)

It is becoming more and more clear that Shiffrin and Liensberger – despite their mistake – drove a very steep slope. While there are still a few hundredths left on the flat, all the following athletes lose time on the steep slopes. So does Swenn-Larsson, who pushes ahead of Lena Dürr.


Ana Bucik (SLO)

After yesterday there were large gaps among the favorites despite a short giant slalom, this is not the case today in a smoothly set pole run. Bucik is the first to fall back a little further, a second behind Shiffrin.


Wendy Holdener (SUI)

Good first run from Wendy Holdener! Especially at the top, she drives as if in one go and goes into the steep slope with a small lead. She loses this again, but ranks a hundredth ahead of Liensberger in second place.


Petra Vlhova (SVK)

Now the Olympic champion! In the usual not very smooth way, Vlhová loses some time in the upper flat section. The steep slope suits her better, there she drives like Shiffrin. The Slovak takes three tenths behind her opponent.


Lena Durr (GER)

Now it applies to Lena Dürr! The German starts smoothly, but acts a little too cautiously and quickly builds up a gap of just over half a second. On the steep slope there is not much more, but overall the Munich rider is clearly weaker than the first two riders. 65 hundredths distance to the leading Shiffrin at the finish.


Mikaela Shiffrin (USA)

The winner of the first two slaloms is on her way. In the upper flat section she is faster than her predecessor, but cannot extend the lead of almost three tenths on the steep slope. A few hundredths are lost, the American is 22 hundredths faster than Liensberger.


Catherine Liensberger (AUT)

The reigning world champion opens in dingy weather in Killington. At the beginning of the steep slope, the run is quite twisting, which the Austrian masters well. Then she fixes two mistakes and briefly loses control of her skis. The first benchmark: 50.57 seconds.


More favourites

Shiffrin’s permanent opponent Petra Vlhová – twice third in Levi – only has 17 slalom victories to her credit. The Swede Anna Swenn-Larsson also knew how to convince in the first Levi Slalom and came in strong second, so she is one of the favorites.


Shiffrin is the measure of all things

To be dethroned is the best slalom driver of all time Mikaela Shiffrin, who drove the fastest in the first two slalom races in Levi. With a first place today, she would break the mark of 50 slalom victories. For comparison: the second best slalom skier in alpine skiing history is the Austrian Marlies Schild with 35 successes. But in front of her home crowd, the American was not that strong yesterday, she only came 13th in the giant slalom. Is she more successful again today?


Dürr’s next attempt towards the podium

Fourth place twice in Levi – that hurt. Last season Lena Dürr took third place in both Finnish slalom races, this season it was that thankless fourth place. It should be on the podium in Killington, preferably on top for the first time. With a total of four podium finishes, the 31-year-old is still waiting for her first slalom World Cup victory. The fact that in Levi Jessica Hilzinger once (16th) and Andrea Filser with a particularly strong last of the four rounds twice (24th and 13th) finished in the points gives hope for another good DSV team result.


Holdener greatest Swiss hope

Never won and yet the best Swiss slalom skier in the team: Wendy Holdener’s story is now well known. Last weekend in Levi, the native of Switzerland achieved 30 slalom podiums without a single win. Can the 29-year-old break this streak today? Gut-Behrami’s victory yesterday creates a more positive atmosphere among the Swiss, but the 31-year-old does not take part in slaloms. Holdener, Gisin, Rast and co. are therefore required.


Poor ÖSV season start

The Austrians are still in the worm at the beginning of the season. In the first two slaloms in Levi, there was only one top ten place: Liensberger finished eighth in the second race. Only Katharina Truppe was there in the second round (21st), in the first race the ÖSV team was at least stronger across the board and had six runners in the second round – but all outside the top ten. Yesterday’s giant slalom gave us a little more hope: Today’s starting runner Liensberger finished fifth and wants to take the momentum from her actually weaker discipline into the slalom.

3:50 p.m

Third slalom in the fourth race

Since both the giant slalom start in Sölden and the new, heavily discussed downhill race in Zermatt and the parallel competition in Lech have been cancelled, the slalom experts get their money’s worth at the beginning of the season: For the third time in only four competitions in total Short swing through the pole run.


Warm welcome

Have a good day on this first Sunday in Advent and a warm welcome to part two of the Tech Weekend in Killington! After yesterday’s giant slalom, the technical specialists are challenged in the slalom today. The first run will be opened at 4:15 p.m. European time by Katharina Liensberger.