Aleksandr Bolšunov received a message from Norway – “The words touched me”

The Russian skier says he received a token of support from his Norwegian colleague.

Russian skiing star Alexander Bolshunov says that he received a warm message from the Norwegian national team skier.

According to Bolšunov, the message read “come to us, we miss you”.

The Russian national team has been sidelined from international games for more than a year in response to the war of aggression started by the country in Ukraine.

– He said that you have to put aside negative thoughts and everything around you so that sports remain just sports. Those words touched me. This suggests that there are athletes who believe that the best should compete with the best, Bolshunov said, according to news agency Tassi.

The name of the colleague who sent the message is not clear from the Russian’s comments.

Aleksandr Bolšunov, who won three gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, has only competed in Russian national competitions this season. Kimmo Brandt/EPA/AOP