Ajax is considering legal action after the new date of the canceled Classic: “Fans suffer the brunt”

The remainder of the canceled match between Ajax and Feyenoord will be played on Wednesday afternoon in the Johan Cruijff Arena. The last half hour starts at 2 p.m., which was decided today by the KNVB. No audience is allowed to attend the match. The match against FC Volendam has therefore been postponed to another time. Ajax does not agree to the rescheduling of the match against Volendam and is considering taking legal action against the KNVB.

The Amsterdam team has announced that it does not accept the KNVB’s proposal to play the match on Wednesday. “The competition and cup program is now being adjusted by the KNVB for four clubs due to the completion of an abandoned match. Not only the clubs, but also the supporters are suffering from this.”

Ajax would prefer to see the remainder of the match played in the first week of November. Then a cup round will be played in which Ajax and Feyenoord will not participate due to European obligations. FC Volendam will play in that round.

Feyenoord previously indicated that if the KNVB decided to choose to play the Classic before the first week of November, they would legal action would consider. The Rotterdam team suggested to the KNVB that they should opt for a legal victory. Afterwards, Feyenoord coach Aren Slot said in front of the ESPN camera that otherwise it would be a distortion of the competition.

FC Volendam

Ajax was scheduled to play against FC Volendam on Wednesday evening at 9 p.m. But due to the catch-up game, the match against number 17 of the Premier League has to be postponed. It is not yet clear when that match will be rescheduled.

Jan Smit, who in addition to being a folk singer is also the chairman of FC Volendam, calls the KNVB’s decision ‘ridiculous’. According to Smit, the Volendam people also do not agree with the KNVB. He writes on Instagram that this was done without consultation with FC Volendam, “that is competition distortion”.

Discontinued Classic

The match was finally stopped after 55 minutes yesterday, because fireworks were thrown onto the field twice from the stands. Just before half-time, supporters initially threw torches on the field, shortly after Feyenoord made it 0-3. The match was then stopped for a short time and later resumed.

Just under ten minutes into the second half it happened again. Referee Serdar Gözübüyük permanently stopped the match, as stated in the KNVB rules. The Rotterdam team will come to the Arena on Wednesday afternoon for the remaining 35 minutes.