Aitana presents ‘Los Ángeles’, her new song

03/30/2023 at 09:31


The Catalan singer, DJ and electronic hostess, stages the beginning of another musical era

Aitana has staged in the early hours of this Thursday the beginning of a new, more mature and electronic musical era with the opening of a nightclub and ephemeral in which she herself, as hostess, has delighted the public by placing herself behind the decks on the mixing desk.

It’s done past midnight in one of the trendy nightclubs in the heart of Madrid and in parallel with the premiere on platforms digital images of the theme ‘Los Angeles’, which constitutes another rudder turn in his successful career and the first official preview of a record named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet, ‘Alpha’.

Precisely in this way, AlphaHouse has come to call this space that has welcomed a thousand people who sold out in minutes all the free tickets distributed by a portal specialized in electronic events and who today have formed long queues at the entrance.

That, in turn, has led to dozens of people to stand guard and night from Tuesday at the gates of the disco to try to get one of the few tickets that were left to distribute today at the box office.

Presentation of the single

And that the content of this party was a great secret, beyond the presentation of the aforementioned single. It was not even known what the real degree of participation of the protagonist would be, who with this album seeks a leap of maturity in a career that until now has been characterized by dragging a multigenerational audience, with an important children’s sector.

Directly from her intervention in the program ‘El Hormiguero’, Aitana has appeared in the praise of crowds after midnight dressed in rigorous black, with large earrings in her ears and her hair collected in braids to playing his song ‘Los Ángeles’ for the first time in public.

Composed by the artist herself along with her usual collaborators Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, the lyrics of this song that talks about a clandestine love were interpreted by many as an allusion to her own sentimental life and the beginning of her relationship with the artist. Sebastian Yatra.


Right after the session dj mercabae, Aitana has once again occupied the central square in front of the mixing desk with a surprise: “I’m going to prick myself”, announced the Catalan, before asking the public to cheer up: “This is an electronic party and you have to give it your all!”

Very focused on the controls before this debut behind the decks, for which she has secretly trained in recent months for this project, Aitana has mixed classic songs from more commercial electronic music such as “Call On Me” by Eric Prydz with more house and techno bases under the watchful eye of colleagues such as Alba Reche, Belén Aguilera or Samantha Hudson.

At the party, which has lasted until the wee hours of the morning, there has been no more news about “Alfa”, which await upcoming news such as its publication date.