After the debate about cultural appropriation: Peter Fox sets an example with the “Zukunft Pink” remix

Peter Fox on Wednesday (December 21) shared his collaboration with the ‘Alliance’ collective, an Amapiano remix of ‘Zukunft Pink’ (featuring Inéz).

The musician had previously been criticized for his latest track for using elements of amapiano from a white, privileged perspective, a genre that arose in the wake of an African-American protest movement, without adequately addressing the history and representatives of the indicate genres. With his new mix, Fox put black musicians Focalistic, Albi X, Kwam.E, Willy Will, Awa Khiwe and Benji Asare at the forefront of the production and paid tribute to the South African genre.

The “Alliance” remix for “Zukunft Pink” including music video

Fox wrote on Instagram: “I’m proud to present you the Alliance remix of “Zukunft Pink” together with the president of South Africa’s Amapiano, @focalistic, and the finest selection of other Afro artists*innen living in Germany. On the dance floor, let’s go!! @albixgram , @kwam.e , @willywillofficial , @awa_khiwe , @benji.asare”

And surprise: the musicians also produced a visualizer for the remix. Directed by Lucas Fiederling (“FEEDZ”) and Domi Wizzle (“wizzler”). The final product is here:

The previous allegations summarized

After the allegations, Fox publicly apologized in October, but also made it clear that he had repeatedly drawn attention to the origins of the genre and its use, including in the press release for his work. During the debate, the musician was constructive and willing to talk about the allegations via social media. Afro-American musicians have recently appeared in the musician’s Instagram stories, which hint at a cooperation.

Fox has already confirmed appearances at a number of festivals, including Hurricane and Southside, for 2023. There are also rumors circulating that the musician is currently working on an album. An official statement is not yet available.

Listen to “Zukunft Pink” in the “Alliance” remix here: