Julia Fox surprises with a special magazine outfit.

    Julia Fox briefly dated rap artist Kanye West. PDO

    Actress and model known for her inventive style Julia Fox surprised again by wearing only leaves.

    Fox released a video of his magazine outfit Instagram– account.

    – Autumn 2022 dress. Made of leaves and resin, Fox writes at the time of publication.

    In the video, Fox explains where the inspiration for the outfit came from.

    – I love leaves and I go to the park every day. I saw the leaves change color and I was very inspired.

    – I called my best friend Emma, ​​who makes art out of resin. We cleaned the leaves and started mixing resin with them.

    Italian-American Fox is the mother of a one-year-old son. The boy’s father is a pilot Peter Artemiev. The parents’ relationship ended soon after the child was born.

    Fox and rap artist Kanye “Ye” West dated briefly at the beginning of the year. The reason for the breakup is said to be West’s social media comments about his ex-spouse Kim Kardashian.