By Michael Sauerbier

    The number is shocking: 362 people from Brandenburg died in the hot summer of 2018 from the oven temperatures. Three times more than on the road! With a heat action plan, the state government wants to protect the elderly, the sick and those in need of care.

    Time is pressing, temperatures are rising every year. The number of hot days over 30 degrees has doubled since 1971. Particularly affected: Spreewald and Lusatia.

    Only Berlin is hotter. From 32 degrees, the weather service triggers heat warning level 1, from 38 degrees level 2. Then the health burden becomes extreme.

    The report presented on Tuesday for the action plan advises

    ► Converting streets, squares and buildings to be suitable for the heat: more green areas, less stone and asphalt, better insulation, ventilation, sun protection, bright facades, erect drinking water dispensers.

    ► Improve the heat warning system, visit lonely elderly people, monitor cases of illness and death.

    ► On hot days, strengthen the fire brigade and civil protection, hospital and nursing staff, open cool places such as churches and libraries.

    “Climate change is considered the world’s No. 1 health risk,” says Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (65, Greens), “effective heat protection is the order of the day!”