According to a friend, Prince Harry is lying in the book about losing his virginity

Actor Rupert Everett shoots down claims about Prince Harry’s book in a news interview.

Prince Harry did not shy away from writing the book. PDO

Biography of Prince Harry, 38 Spare published on January 10. In the book, the prince revealed many details about his life, including how he lost his virginity.

According to the prince, he lost his virginity in 2001 when he was 17 years old. Harry ended up having sex with an older woman in a meadow behind a popular pub.

Now the British actor Rupert Everett tells in the latest In an interview with The Telegraph magazinethat he believes Harry’s story is a lie.

– I know the woman to whom Prince Harry lost his virginity. It didn’t happen behind the pub. It didn’t even happen in this country, Everett told the reporter with a grin.

However, Everett did not reveal the woman’s identity.

– I just want to say it out loud that I know the real woman’s identity.

Rupert Everett is known for, among other things, the films Who Says Will and My Policeman. PDO

Page Six interviewed about it a source from the prince’s inner circle doubts the British actor’s claim.

“Unbelievable that Everett would know something so personal about the prince and even better than Harry himself,” the source said.

According to the publishing company Otava, Prince Harry’s book has been a worldwide hit. In January, Spare was the best-selling book in the United States in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Brazil, Denmark, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

The book was published in Finland on January 19 under the name Deputy.

In the video, an excerpt from Prince Harry’s interview.