The Englishman knows that to go to the World Cup he will have to score many goals in Rome: so far he has scored two in the league in seven games, Mourinho is waiting for him to raise the average also because behind him Belotti is pawing …

    On the one hand, in England, it is said and written that Tammy Abraham, for next season, would be in the crosshairs of Arsenal and, above all, United, willing to offer Roma more than 80 million of the right to buy back of Chelsea. On the other hand, it is said and written, that the English striker was stunned to say the least for not having played even a minute in the two matches against Italy and Germany. He knows he is not an England starter and he also knows that when the coach Southgate went to see him live in Udine he didn’t play his best game (like all of Rome, on the other hand), but he hoped to have at least the chance to get noticed in the match and not just in training. Nothing to do, at this point all that remains is the World Cup (except for hardly imaginable surprises), to be conquered, however, with performances and goals, with Roma.

    Slow start

    After all, for Tammy, this is nothing new because in her career the slow start is a bit of a constant. He scored two goals in the first seven of the league, in line with previous seasons: last year he was always at two, in 2018 at Aston Villa he did not score even a goal in the first few days while in 2019/2020 at Chelsea he started very well with six goals in seven games. The exception that confirms the rule and the rule says that Abraham, to perform at his best, needs to slow down. The problem is that this is an atypical season and therefore, for himself, for Roma and for England, he needs to return to scoring continuously as soon as possible.

    Hunt at San Siro

    Today he will return to Rome, from tomorrow he will be available to Mourinho and at San Siro, on Saturday, he will try to get an early gift, since he will turn 25 on Sunday. It would be a double gift given that last season with Roma he always lost against the Milanese and therefore he will try to reverse, even in this case, the negative trend. Also because Abraham needs a great performance and some important goals because he is an emotional guy, who works best when he is calm. On the one hand, Belotti’s arrival has reassured him, because in this way he will no longer have to play more than 50 games a year and he will also be able to concentrate on rest and specific training. But on the other hand, it certainly put some pressure on him because Gallo is a real striker and knows Serie A very well. The relations between the two are excellent, the images of Belotti who encourages him after the mistakes against Atalanta have become viral, but it is clear that, with rare exceptions, they will always compete for a starting position. And this Abraham knows very well.