A National Football Team will face Czechia in a special match. Before the difficult match to be played in Gaziantep, A National Football Team Coach Stefan Kuntz and Samet Akaydın made statements.

    Kuntz’s words;

    Stefan Kuntz: “One of the biggest reasons for us to add good players with a different understanding of the game to our team is that Turkish teams are successful this season. Balance is very important for young players. It may be better for them to play with experienced players on the field. Like Salih Özcan and Ferdi, who play in a different national team. It is important that we bring in players as well. We continue to work for them as well.” used the phrases.


    Speaking about Czechia, Kuntz said, “This is a long-term journey. We make our thoughts and plans long-term. An undesirable situation may occur. We will work on it constantly and consistently. Czech Republic is a strong team. But we focused on ourselves, how we play our own game on the field. We can reflect on how we can make ourselves better and ready until March.” said.


    Kuntz, who wanted his players to have a dialogue, said, “I was used to an environment like this. I am someone who wants my players to have a direct dialogue with me when we analyze. But we see a development here, too. Hamit and Kenan Bey gave me information about this. The signals and body language of the players go in a completely different direction. and we take the energy from that.” said.


    Talking about the young players taking time, Kuntz said, “Arda Güler is much more mature than I expected. He has a positive atmosphere for the team. We will see how this situation will reflect on the field and how long it will take tomorrow. It is important how long young players take in their teams. It’s more important to get into the slow expected profile.” said.

    “We demand a high level of trust in us. We work very hard with all the players. We try to bring out the best team we can put on the field. We want everyone to trust us.”

    “One thing I love is that communities embrace their own players. Performance is important, but if you determine the team’s roster based on instant performances, it may not reflect very positively on the team.”


    Samet Akaydın, who started his speech by thanking the people of Diyarbakır, said, “There was an excellent environment, we played well and gave them a win. We have the same atmosphere in Gaziantep, and we want to present the victory to the people of Gaziantep with a good game tomorrow. A National Team is an incredible place. “I am very happy and proud to be here. I think this place will add a lot to me. It is not an easy system to play, but I am used to this system. If the opportunity comes, I will do my best, I hope I can take advantage of the opportunity that comes to me.” used the phrases.


    Speaking about his teacher in Adana Demirspor, Samet Akaydın said, “I never like to give up. When I go to matches, my Montella teacher says, ‘Don’t set limits on yourself. Put something on every match.’ said.