The flowers tell that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s journey together continues.

    The flower arrangement seen on the coffin on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral has been carefully thought out.

    The flower wreath is placed in the burial chamber with the coffin, and since the Queen will have her deceased spouse, Prince Philip, by her side in the spring of 2021, the flowers carry an unspoken, symbolic message.

    The main message of the flowers and leaves of the funeral wreath is to honor Elizabeth and Philip’s union of more than 70 years.

    In addition to the funeral wreath, the queen’s coffin also has a crown, scepter and apple of the kingdom. PDO

    The flowers for the wreath were picked from the gardens of Buckingham Palace and Charles and Camilla’s home, Highrove House.

    The wreath contains, among other things, rosemary, which means remembering, and myrtle, which symbolizes a happy marriage. An interesting detail is that the myrtle in the funeral wreath comes from the same plant that was planted from a cutting taken from Elizabeth’s wedding bouquet.

    The oak leaves on the grave wreath also symbolize strong love.

    The wreath also has geraniums, roses, hydrangea, dahlias and marigolds.

    In the language of flowers, for example, dahlias also symbolize a strong bond between two people.

    So when Elisabet has her beloved Philip by her side in the vault, the flowers have something to say that the journey together will continue.

    Keen-eyed Funeral Followers may also have noticed a piece of paper peeking out from the middle of the flowers.

    It’s the king Charles’s a handwritten message to his mother.

    The exact content of the message is not yet clear, as it has not been photographed closely enough. According to the BBC, at least the words “Remembering with love and devotion, Charles R.” stood out from the message.

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