09/28/2022 at 12:19


    3D printers go unity to a drone and will work in the style of bees and wasps

    The designers have claimed that it will reduce costs and is safer than using people

    The British BBC has reported that A fleet of flying 3D printers have been designed to build and repair structures in flight. The drones use construction methods similar to those of bees and wasps and were developed by a team from the University of Bath.

    These printer drones could be used in manufacturing and construction in hard-to-reach places, such as on top of tall buildings, or in hazardous locations to help with construction after a disaster. The inventors state that they could also reduce costs and make construction safer. By using technological means for this mission, lives and human accidents, so common in these activities, can be saved.

    3D printing has been gaining popularity in the construction industry and project researcher Dr Richard Ball commented that the new materials made use of unique properties needed for “airborne additive manufacturing”. These properties of course include being lightweight and fast setting.