A 14-year-old boy has been violently robbed twice. That happened two days in a row, the first time in Koog aan de Zaan and the day after in Assendelft. The police are considering one and the same perpetrator.

    In Koog aan de Zaan, the victim was waiting at the traffic lights on Tulpstraat. The scooter rider came to stand next to him and violently robbed him of his belongings.

    A day later, in Assendelft, another scooter rider followed the 14-year-old boy. The victim was threatened with a stabbing weapon, after which he gave up his belongings. Both times the perpetrator fled.

    ‘Very coincidental’

    “You can imagine that it is very coincidental that the boy is robbed twice in a row. That is why we assume the same perpetrator. The victim also suspects this. But the investigation is still ongoing,” the police explain.

    The police are looking for witnesses and hope to find the perpetrator. It concerns a man about 1.90 meters tall who was dressed entirely in black and wore a balaclava.