Tthird and last date, tonight on Canale 5 at 21.20with the 2022 edition of Zelig. Claudio Bisio And Vanessa Incontrada they come back once again stage of the Arcimboldi Theatre to close the second season of the return of the historic program. After last week’s move to Thursday, day it surpassed in share Night exteriorthe Italian comedy festival is back on air on Wednesdays.

    Zeligthe comedians of the last episode

    Big returns. For example that Ali and Franzwho made themselves known to the general public precisely at Zelig (in the 2000s), and by Mister Forestknown above all as Mago Forest, born Michele Foresta (among the competitors of the last Lol – Whoever laughs is out 2).

    Then, there is Max Angioni, Lombard from Como who a Zelig first came in 2018, and Vincenzo Albano And Antonio Ornano. Another couple present tonight – a couple also in life – is that of Nuzzo and DiBiase. Space for too the stand-up comedian Davide Calgarowho also dabbles as an actor (he’s Furio in Under the Riccione sun and in Under the Amalfi sun of Netflix). It also laughs with Ippolita Baldinia comedian with a very solid theatrical preparation, and the young comedians selected in the laboratories of the small Milanese cabaret in viale Monza from where the program originally aired.

    Anna Maria Barbera (as Sconsolata) together with Alessandro Benvenuti, Antonio Ricci and Luca Laurenti. (Handle)

    The return of Anna Maria Barbera, alias Sconsolata

    To be celebrated though Anne Maria Barbera, the legendary Sconsolata, called Sconsy. Character who gave her great popularity. The Piedmontese comedian, Graduated from Vittorio Gassman’s “Theatre Workshop”.returns after last season’s appearance, the first after years away from television.

    Actress, host of two seasons of Jokes aside in the early 2000s, from Strip the Newscompetitor of the first edition of dancing with the StarsBarbera also keeps away from social media. “It is a poetic subversion. Real-time omnipresence takes away from allure and ultimately credibility. Perhaps there is a way to use it for the benefit of a communication that conveys valuable content, but I should encourage myself to discover it. Like the poet Vinícius de Moraes, I still believe life is the art of encounter,” she said in an interview with TV Blog.

    Tonight he meets the audience again always in the role of Sconsy. Other than retirement: «The authors know that the characters have a life of their own and, having respect for them, she will decide herself, not excluding retiring me».

    And it’s not over yet…

    Archived the episode tonight, Zelig will return next Wednesday with a special episode entitled Zelig, never seen, overlooked and seen again. The montage will offer an exhilarating overview of the most significant moments of this edition. But, to make it truly unique, they will also be included some unpublished works that will make it an exceptional event.