ZDF expert Wagner apologizes for the bathrobe saying

Football: Bundesliga, SC Freiburg - Borussia Dortmund, 2nd matchday in the Dreisamstadion.  Sandro Wagner is in the stadium before the game.  Wagner was co-commentator on the game against Spain.  (to dpa:

Sandro Wagner is criticized for his saying. Now he has apologized for it Photo: picture alliance/dpa

By Christian Falk

He does not spread the cloak of silence about this! TV expert and co-commentator Sandro Wagner (34) reacts to the criticism of his bathrobe saying.

The former Hertha professional Wagner to BILD: “It was an ill-considered saying with an inappropriate remark that I could have saved myself. If anyone felt offended – sorry, that was my intention.”

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What happened? The ex-Hertha professional was a co-commentator in Germany’s 1-1 draw against Spain on Sunday and was through just before the equalizer Niclas filling jug (29) brought a controversial saying.

Germany's Niclas FUELLKRUG socres a goal during the FIFA World Cup Group E match at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar on Nov. 27, 2022. ( The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images )

Niclas Füllkrug scores to make it 1-1 against Spain. Shortly before that came the Wagner saying Photo: picture alliance/ AP

Wagner said: “Fans are back too. I’ve also seen a few Germany fans cheering loudly. Earlier I thought the whole curve is Germany, full of Germany fans. Then I realized that these are Qatari bathrobes.”

With “bathrobes” he alluded to the “Thawb”, the traditional white robe that the Qataris wear and is widespread in the Arab world. Wagner’s statement was immediately noticed by numerous viewers, and shortly afterwards there was a shitstorm on Twitter.

Now the apology of the ex-national player (eight international matches).

ZDF had already commented on Wagner’s saying late on Sunday evening, writing via Twitter: “Sandro Wagner’s statement about the Thawb unfortunately happened in an emotional phase of the game. It’s not allowed. We’ll discuss that.”


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