Yvonne Coldeweijer has decided whether to appeal in the croquette case she lost to Rachel Hazes. “My intuition is that I’m just never going to win, but yeah…”

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    Showbizzhyena Yvonne Coldeweijer has decided whether she will appeal in the case brought by Rachel Hazes. The judge has decided that Yvonne can no longer say ‘cremated croquette’ and many people find that a rather bizarre restriction of freedom of expression.

    58 percent

    Yvonne has asked her followers if she should appeal and 58 percent say, “No, let it go.” Doesn’t make sense anyway.’ And the other 42 percent? ‘Yes, goes too far. Freedom of speech!’

    She has decided to go with the majority, Yvonne explains The Juice Show. “I don’t feel like that at all. To appeal. My intuition is that I’m just never going to win, but a lot of lawyers and lawyers say to me: ‘You’re going to win that easily’, but I just don’t trust it anymore.”

    Not my way

    Yvonne has no desire to get her right through the courts. “This is not my way. Justice is not my way. I might appeal in a video.”

    According to the juice queen, the judges are biased. “They don’t like me, dude. (…) I just really should have won, done. I have shown it to be plausible. Plausible doesn’t mean you have to show it’s proven. Presumably I really made it.”

    Side nor shore

    Indeed, Yvonne’s claims were quite plausible. For example, she was right that Rachel and her son André Hazes jr. no longer have contact with each other. “My juice is so plausible that the whole of the Netherlands believes my juice. That’s plausible, period. And then the gk that I’m not allowed to say anymore? It makes no sense.”

    With ‘gk’ Yvonne means cremated croquette, but she is no longer allowed to say that. “It does gnaw at me. It’s not that I put it aside easily. Many intelligent people talk about it all the time that it really can’t be done, because they understand the consequences it can have, but I just don’t feel like it anymore. Next.”